Customized Search Engine Rankings Reporting

You can have your data in exactly the way you want it, when you want it.

Besides the clean, simple layout of your ranking reports you also benefit from extended graphing features and completely customizable queries. This give you the power to ask the questions you want and instantly see the answers in the form of graphs.

For example, you can view graphs and figures for any combination of search engines, over whatever date range you want, and filtered by performance level.

If you want hard numbers, you've got those too - every customized query you do gives you a table of exactly the raw data you asked for.

If required, you can easily put ranking data into your own applications, integrate it into your presentations, and work on it however you need - it's literally as easy as copy-and-paste. Got your own ROI calculator? Need to put ranking data alongside your web stats? Your reporting system enables all this.

Reporting is available independent of any other service.
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