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Our skilled team of developers have many years of experience developing bespoke custom-made solutions for our clients. At Backbone Solutions we always ensure that we are fully up-to-date with current technologies. Crucial as the most important factor when developing a solution is which technologies are most applicable in order to maximise the success of the solution to the requirements specified by the client.

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Below is a list of some of the skill sets that we currently practice and use to develop our solutions.

  • HTML - HTML is a fundamental component of any web site. Our skilled team of designers utilize both graphical web authoring tools and manual text editors such as Notepad to design simple, effective, accessible websites that are both well structured technically and also aesthetically pleasing.
  • PHP - PHP is a server side scripting language that is popular amongst many web development companies. PHP is Open Source which allows for much flexibility, it is well supported by online communities and is also released under the GNU Licence which allows developers to reduce costs whilst developing sustainable solutions.
  • MySQL - MySQL is a powerful database management tool utilized by many developers in conjunction with PHP. This powerful combination has enabled us to develop several custom made solutions with an attractive web interface combined with an online back end administration panel.
  • CGI - Many existing web sites use CGI as their Server Side language. Although it is going out of favour as a language of choice, there is still a vast amount of CGI code still in use on the internet. We have experts highly skilled in CGI scripting and we are able to create, modify or migrate the scripts to different scripting languages.
  • Java Script - Java Script is a Client Side technology used for creating special effects on a users browser . We utilize JS for form validation, email protection and other client side uses. Java Script is the ideal tool to enhance and make a website a more user friendly enjoyable environment.
  • ASP - ASP is the Microsoft's preferred language for developing Server Side code. As it integrates well with both Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access it is an ideal choice when developing database applications using either of these two Relational database products.
  • Visual Basic - Visual Basic is a high level programming language used for developing Windows applications. Due to its speed of development and compliance with the Microsoft Windows architecture it is the ideal tool to develop PC applications.
  • C++ - C++ is a powerful, low level language that can be used for just about any programming task on any operating system. Our extensive experience in programming in C++ can be used to develop software for any of your programming needs.

Should you require a solution developing in a technology that is not mentioned above please contact us and our skilled technical team will be able to advise you.


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